Sketch book update

Pencil study f a Shetland pony

Time for another sketch book update and staying with the equine theme.

Page 2 is a quick study of a Shetland pony. The drawing is based on one of my own photos that I took when I was invited to visit and have a look around at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary near to Newton Abbot (Devon), back in 2015.

As this was my second drawing my confidence with my rendering skills had improved.

Again, I used the same tools that I used in the horse head drawing.

This time, because the Shetland is quite small, I decided to draw the whole of the pony.

Also, she is in her winter coat. So this was a good opportunity to practice longer hair. The rendition of her mane didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but it is still OK.

Drawing size is 15x10cm (6×4 inch), so quite small. But I’m happy with just doing these small images at the moment. They are not too daunting or overwhelming. Being able to complete them in a few hours I get a feeling of satisfaction.

Also by using a sketch book and not single sheets of paper. There is not the pressure to create a masterpiece. If I was to do the drawings on individual sheets, it would feel like they would then need to be for sale.

In addition, they feel more personal because they are in my sketchbook, and they are for my benefit.

I must mention, that when working on this study, I dug out one of my most favourite and useful reference books, An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists If you are starting out with drawing animal subjects, especially horses, then this book is a MUST! (OK, that just my opinion).

Sketch book up date – The drawing

OK, enough of the chatting, here is my little Shetland Pony study.

Pencil drawing of a Shetland Pony by horse/equine artist Stuart Fowle.
A little study of a Shetland Pony in my sketch book.

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