Welcome to my horse portraits gallery

On this page, you can view a selection of horse portraits drawn over the last few years. These drawings are interesting as you can see how my style has developed.

I love to be around horses and I love to try and capture the grace and beauty of a horse in pencil.

The horse is probably one of my favourite subjects to draw, but also the most challenging, especially hooves!

One of the joys or doing a horse portrait, is seeing and capturing the individual character of the horse.

Some are quite grumpy, while others are more inquisitive and I do my best to capture this in the drawing.

The structure of a horses head also makes for an interesting and challenging drawing. I enjoy capturing the various shapes and contours, the different textures of the hair and the life in the eyes.

A horse’s portrait makes a lovely gift for the proud horse owner, or as a memento for the future.

If you are interested in having a commission drawing done of your horse, or one done as a gift, please have a look at my Commissions page for more details and costs.

Horse portraits gallery

All images are Copyright © of Stuart Fowle.