A collection of Horse and Rider drawings, showing the relationship between man and horse.

Graphite pencil drawing of horse and rider by Devon pet and horse artist Stuart Fowle.

Horses and humans in the same drawing, images of the partnership built up over thousands of years between equine and homo sapiens.

I remember reading somewhere, how nature developed the perfect animal for man to be able to ride.

The horse is big enough to carry a man. Unlike most grass land prey animals, it has no horns to get in the way of a horse tack head piece.

The formation of the teeth, in that there is a gap for a bit to sit in the mouth. Nature at her best, and fortunate for us.

A couple of the drawings, are based on photos of myself with a horse.

Gentle Giant, is me riding a big Shire/Cob cross called Paddy.

Time for work, is me leading a Cob called Raffles out for some school work.

I’ve not sat on a horse for quite some time. Not sure I would have the confidence to do that again. But I do love being around horses and watching horses and people interact together.

Although I’m not a person portrait artist. I’m happy to take on a horse and rider commissions. They are ideal as gifts for family and friends, or just for yourself.

For more details on commissions, please visit my commission page.

Horse and Rider drawings gallery

All images are Copyright © of Stuart Fowle.