Dog portrait study

Dog study in pencil by Stuart Fowle (ArtOnTheHoof)

My latest drawing, dog portrait study, took me a little longer to finish than the previous drawings.

The reference photo for this one is from my own collection, so no worries about copyright issues.

Talking of copyright, I always try and use my own reference photos. Prevents any issues relating to copyright, especially if you want to sell the completed artwork at some stage in the future.

Back to the drawing. As the drawing is in my A5 sketch book, the image size is approx 12x12cm, so quite small.

However, it is still large enough to get some detail. Plus with this drawing, I had the challenge of remembering how to render leather and metal surfaces.

I used my favourite Staedtler Mars Technico pencils for this drawing. Having a pencil that is a constant length just makes for a more comfortable drawing experience.,

If you are going to start using the Mars Technico pencils, I would highly recommend also getting their lead sharpener. Had mine for a few years now, and would be lost without it.

Making a start on the dog portrait study.

As you can see from the above photo, I used a grid system to draw the dogs head. I usually find that as the drawing progresses, I make small changes to the outline.

steady progress on the dog study.

Slow but steady progress with the dog portrait study. My rendering of the fur is much more refined than my first sketch book study of the horses head.

to finishing the dog portrait study.

Getting close to the end of the drawing. I’ve not rendered leather or metal for a while with pencil, so was quite pleased with the results I got on paper.

The completed drawing.

Well I’m quite pleased with how the drawing came out. Each drawing is a learning curve. Either in remembering a technique or trying something new.

Below is a little short video demo I did on how I draw the short fur by using a combination of pencils.

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