Welcome to my cat portraits and drawings gallery.

Pencil drawing of our cat Max. Cat portraits and drawings.

We own two cats, ‘Max’ and ‘Tigger’. Interestingly, or not, both cats came to us because they had been abandoned.

Max was a feral kitten, who was found on a farm in Wiltshire. He is a big bruiser of cat, but has such a gentle temperament.

Tigger was rescued by my oldest daughter when she moved in to a new flat, Tigger had been left by a previous tenant, but my daughter could not keep him, so he came home with us to Devon. Tigger is so different from Max, much more feisty. Comparing the two is like chalk and cheese.

Really as an artist, I have no excuse, not to be sketching cats all day long, maybe I should do a ‘cat a day’ set of drawings. Something to think about as a new project.

One thing that strikes me about cats, is that they always appear aloof and independent. But when they want, they can be such affectionate and loyal companions, but on their terms.

Now if you would like your cat, or a family or friends cat immortalised in pencil, please take a quick look at my Commission page for more details.

Below is a selection of Cat portraits, independent and loyal, our friend the cat.

Cat portraits and drawings gallery

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