Welcome to my page featuring some of my favourite wildlife drawings – birds! I’m thrilled to share my love for wildlife and the natural world through my artwork.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by a diverse array of native bird species in Devon. Due to my location I have been fortunate enough to capture many of them in my drawings. Pencil is my preferred medium, but I also enjoy exploring other techniques and styles.

Pencil drawing of a Tawny Owl by pet, horse and wildlife artist Stuart Fowle. Wildlife drawings - birds.

One of my ongoing goals is to create a drawing of a Buzzard in flight, but it can be tough to get the perfect reference photo or capture the scene in my sketchbook at just the right moment.

Pheasants are another bird species I love to draw, particularly when they’re in action, whether fighting or taking flight.

Corvids are another favourite subject of mine, but they can be tricky to capture since they have a sixth sense about being observed. Owls are also a popular subject for me, and I’m fortunate to have access to local animal sanctuaries and falconers to provide reference material.

After Horses I think that creating bird drawings is a challenge. Drawing birds requires careful attention to detail to capture the intricacies of feathers and textures.

In addition to my bird drawings, I’ve recently started exploring the world of bird painting. I’m excited to continue developing my skills in this medium.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my bird drawings and artwork!

Wildlife Drawings – Birds gallery

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Goldfinch in colour pencil study and Oyster Catcher in Ink

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