Welcome to my wildlife drawings birds page showcasing my bird drawing and paintings.

Wildlife drawings of birds have been quite popular, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well they have worked as drawings.

Pencil drawing of a Tawny Owl by pet, horse and wildlife artist Stuart Fowle. Wildlife drawings - birds.

In my area of Devon where I live in, we are blessed with a large number of bird species, which includes the Buzzard.

One of my drawing goals, is to draw a Buzzard in flight, but as yet I’ve not been able to get the reference photos I need, or never have my sketch book handy at the right time. One day, I will get my reference.

Another bird that is fun to see and draw is the glorious Pheasant.

Again, another bird that I want to draw more of, especially when they do their short flight, or when the cocks are fighting.

Another bird family that I enjoy drawing are Corvids. However, they are very hard to photograph due to their suspicious attitude. Corvids just have a sixth sense that they are being watched.

Owls are another popular subject that I like to draw. Local animal sanctuaries and falconers are a good source for reference material.

I think after horses, birds are the most difficult to capture in pencil. Drawing feathers and ensuring they look like feathers is quite a challenge. But it is a challenge I enjoy.

You will also see in the gallery that I have been creating some paintings of birds. This is an area I would like to re-visit and try again.

Wildlife Drawings – Birds gallery

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