Bear study in pencil

Bear study in pencil by wildlife artist Stuart Fowle (Art On The Hoof)

My latest drawing is a bear study in pencil. Finding a reference that I liked and was able to use was a bit of a task. Lucky for me Deviantart came to the rescue again.

The reference is by DeviantArt member Windfuchs and can be viewed on DeviantArt here.

As per all my latest drawings, the size is approx 15x10cm or 6x4n inch if you prefer imperial.

My pencil of choice for this little drawing was my selection of 0.5mm mechanical pencils.

With these mechanical pencils I have been trying out some Pentel Ain Stein leads in 2H, 2B, 3B and 4B. To date I’m quite happy with the way they feel and work.

This image also included some ground work. I had to include this, otherwise the bears stance would have seemed a little strange! However it did give me the opportunity to render another texture. I feel the rocks came out OK. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

As I progress with these drawings, I’m finding that my technique is improving and also slightly changing. Because I’m drawing these little studies for me, there is no pressure for perfection. So this leave me free to try new things, and is very liberating.

When comparing this drawing with the Pony study I completed in January, we can see a definite improvement. The improvement is not just in drawing skill, but the confidence of the execution of the drawing.

Now that in the UK we are slowly coming out of he Covid-19 lockdown, I will have more opportunity to get out with my sketch books and camera to get more reference material.

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