ArtOnTheHoof an update

Tombow erasers

ArtOnTheHoof an update, since Boxing Day 2020, I’ve been quite busy working on getting the site up and running.

It has taken a bit longer than I expected, plus I also hit a few technical issues, will chat about later.

However, what I have got up and running, I’m actually very pleased with.

The main galleries are up and running. Still have the wildlife and life drawing galleries to add.


So what issues have I hit?

Well the first was adding an SSL certificate. Now I hasten to add, this is a static site, no eCommerce etc., so in reality it does not require an SSL certificate.

However, Google likes sites to have one and therefore better for SEO etc. My website provider (LCN) used to supply a free one, but not any more.

So I had a play at installing some free ones, but they kept hitting technical issues. Guess LCN wants me to use their paid ones!

Therefore at the moment, no SSL certificate installed.

Second issue that I have, is that I have yet to find a WordPress plugin for my Etsy shop that I trust.

The plan for now, is to just link to items in my Etsy shop, such as the Prints section in my Etsy shop.

Currently have 3 Giclee prints on sale, it’s a start.

New toys

Got some new toys in the post today, a set of TomBow erasers (guess that can be classed as an ArtOnTheHoof update).

The set includes a oblong 2.5 x 5mm pen and refill, plus a round 2.3mm pen and eraser.

Saw these on some YouTube videos, and they looked really good. Basically they are great for erasing thing lines of graphite pencil. In the past I’ve cut up big erasers to try and get a thin eraser to do the same. The results were never very good!

So I’m really looking forward to giving these a go on my next drawing.

Tombow pen erasers. An ArtOnthehoof update image.
Tombow pen erasers.

Gallery Updates

Just a quick reminder that the following galleries are now up and running:

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