Another Viking pencil study

Viking pencil study by ArtOnTheHoof

Been a while since I’ve put pencil to paper. So to kick start myself I decided to do another Viking pencil study.

As per my previous 2 Viking pencil drawings (“Viking Study” and “Viking pencil study“), my reference was from DeviantArt (link to ref photo:

It’s quite a small image being 10x15cm (or 4×6 inches). So decided to use my selection of 0.5mm mechanical pencils. I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed in how they performed on the Winsor&Newton heavy weight paper.

This could be a case of a ‘bad workman’ blaming his tools, or just a combination of the paper trying to be a jack of all trades. Art and drawing is always a learning experience, and I now know that the current batch of leads I have for my 0.5mm pencils are not the best to use with this sketch book.

But with all that said, I’m quite pleased with how this drawing came out. Yes, there is always room for improvement, but he does look human!

What did work well are the 3 Tombow Mono Zero erasers that I have. Ideal for erasing lines and dots in the graphite. While we are talking erasers, I’m also a big fan of the Tombow dust catch eraser. Perfect for erasing large areas and not leaving eraser crumbs all over your work!

Pencil study of a Viking/Saxon by artist Stuart Fowle (ArtOnTheHoof). Another Viking pencil study.
The completed Viking pencil study.

I can see plenty of areas that could be much better, but I’ll leave him as is. Next time I do a pencil drawing, it will be with my favourite Staedtler Mars Technico 780 lead holder pencils.

So was next on the drawing board? Well I do have an A4 size colour pencil Viking study on the go. So you might see that at some point!

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